About Boundaryless


To enable everyone to participate in the future of organizing

By creating open-source frameworks and delivering workshops, training, and consulting services to its community of organizations, institutions, and individuals

Boundaryless wants to reduce the barriers to entry for any constituent to build organizations and business models fit for the 21st Century.


We do it by creating frameworks based on our direct advisory and first-hand organizational and business model development experience, by partnering  with pioneers and leaders and by interacting with our ever-growing community of adopters.

Every time we achieve new developments in our theory and practice we bring these back to our community by releasing them with a permissive Creative Commons license.

Our License

How to use our publicly released works

Learn what you can and can't do

All our publicly released works are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license – get a copy here. Users can use our publicly released frameworks and guides for commercial purposes (such as consulting, building products, teaching) as-is. In case users modify and redistribute, create derivative works that are “based on” our work they will be obliged to release their work publicly with a compatible license (share-alike clause) and attribute to us the original work (attribution clause).


Please reach out for help to make a good attribution.

What we do, in a few words


Research & Thinking

We explore the edges of platforms & ecosystems thinking to evolve our tools and prepare for what’s next.


Tools & New Languages

We create open and shared languages and tools that will allow you to design and execute scalable and ecosystemic strategies.


Community & Events

We convene constantly online and live, and exchange our experiences and visions with like-minded partners for collective sense-making.


Consulting Services

We support entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations with accessible training programs, facilitation and advisory.


A continuous connection with a global community

Helping each other progress in reinventing how we do business and organizational development at scale

Boundaryless is continuously connected with an ever-growing community of practice; corporate customers, adopters, trainees, consultants, designers: we meet often through our live events, our webinars, and our online courses, we keep our practitioners in touch through our communities of practice, sensemaking events, webinars, podcasts and more.