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4 Beliefs and 11 Design Principles

A Manifesto for the Platform Organization

To Design adaptable, evolving, and future-proof Platform Organizations

Discover the future of organizational structure with the Platform Organization Manifesto. Our guiding principles provide a blueprint for dynamic, adaptable businesses designed to thrive in a constantly changing market and society. Harness the power of entrepreneurial spirit, cooperation, innovation, and use these key design principles to empower the evolution of your Organization.

An update from the field

A Primer on Rethinking your Organization with a Focus on Markets

A Practical Approach to Reorganizing in a way that is Market Driven

Explore an adaptive approach to organizational transformation with our article on market context mapping and arena scanning. Discover how to use Wardley Maps for strategic rebundling, optimizing market reach, and enhancing your competitive edge. Harness the power of ecosystem scans and value chains for effective business adaptation in fluid market dynamics.

Some of the Latest Long Reads

Orient yourself along the steps

The Poster for all Platform Design / Marketplace Design techniques

All in one place

Approaching all phases of Platform-Marketplace design can be a painful process where teams get lost easily. Over the last 10 years at Boundaryless we developed everything teams need to go through such a task. Enjoy this recap poster that will help your team orient, identify the key questions, and find the right resources for help.

Techniques of Platform Design and Development:

Transforming your Organization in an Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

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