Our story

A recap of the key steps in Boundaryless' story:


Release of the Platform Design Toolkit Product and Growth Guide

The Platform Design Toolkit – Platform Growth and Product Guide is released capitalising on several years of research of growth hacking, and platform-product design


Stable release of the 3EO Toolkit 1.0

The 3EO Toolkit v 1.0 is released, together with an Adoption guide  after more than two years of use with partners and customers.


Stable release of Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide

The Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide is finally released in a stable version after more than two years of field use across the world.


Boundaryless Initiates its own 3EO transition

Boundaryless initiates a transition towards adopting a 3EO model of organizing that aims at integrating Rendanheyi-based distributed P&L and Sociocratic governance model.


First 3EO Toolkit Release

Boundaryless releases the EEEO – Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization (now 3EO) Toolkit draft for the first time as a result of the collaboration with Haier.


The First Bootcamp

The first certification Bootcamp is held in Milan, it will be followed by Paris…and then by the transition to online programs due to the implications of the pandemic.



Platform Design Toolkit 2.2 is released

The Platform Design Toolkit 2.2 release is made available, with an updated Transaction Board, an updated User Guide, and the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration for the first time.


Collaboration with Haier Group starts

Boundaryless and Haier group kickstart a long-term collaboration to adopt Boundaryless open-source approach in democratizing and enhancing access to the radically innovative framework of organizing pioneered by the Chinese giant: Rendanheyi as an entrepreneurial, ecosystem driven way of organizing.


Platform Opportunity Exploration Framework is released in Draft

The Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide is released for the first time as a draft, extending the traditional scope of the Platform Design Toolkit into landscaping and value chain analysis.


Boundaryless is born!

Thanks to the growing demand for help and training around the Platform Design Toolkit that actually contributed to creating a new design practice worldwide around platform and ecosystem optimized design, Platform Design Toolkit Creator Simone Cicero, renowned internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur Lisa Gansky, senior PDT Facilitators Luca Ruggeri, Eugenio Battaglia and Austrian serial entrepreneur Wolfgang von Geramb cofounded Boundaryless SRL, an Italy incorporated ltd missionized to promote, distributed and develop platform design toolkit and the related research worldwide.


Platform Design Toolkit 2.0 Stable Release

After one year of being available and open for comments, the Platform Design Toolkit’s first stable release 2.0 is made available together with new branding and a User Guide, the toolkit takes for the first time the shape that still has now!

The first of a long series of Masterclasses is held in Bologna, it will be followed by Paris, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, New York…and online.


Platform Design Toolkit 2.0 Draft Release

After two years of field use the Platform Design Toolkit Draft 2.0 is open for comments.


First release of a "Toolkit"

Simone makes the first steps in the creation of a “toolkit”, the motivations matrix is presented for the first time at the Frontiers of Interaction conference.


First release of Platform Design Canvas

Simone Cicero releases the first version of the Platform Design Canvas at the Barcelona Design Week.