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Discover how we help individuals, teams and organizations leverage platform thinking for business model innovation, ecosystem mobilization, and organizational transformation


Business Strategy & Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems.



Business Strategy & Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems.

Platform Strategies: with the Platform Design Toolkit, our world-renowned methodology for platform design and innovation, we help customers identify opportunities for new platforms, and then help teams design and validate their strategies on the market and generate growth: all with proven techniques inspired by the experience of the best platforms in the world, and adopted by thousands.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations: thanks to our collaboration with pioneering organizations, we developed a sound approach to transforming existing firms, and develop new ones, as swarms of independent, entrepreneurial, self-managed teams supported by shared platform services reducing organizational debt and increasing organizational agility.


& Workshops

Our solid platform design consulting practice is based on an iterative approach through which we deliver value soon and frequently, working together with your team, ensuring we deliver actionable and re-usable knowledge as well as strategic objectives.


We cover:

  • Platform Opportunity Exploration and Landscaping
  • Platform Design and Prototyping
  • Support in Validation, Launch, and Growth
  • Innovation Portfolio management and other strategic achievements

Who is it for?

Executives and Entrepreneurs that want to have support in executing platform strategies with teams, for single or multiple projects, initiatives, and opportunities.


What we offer

A dedicated project coordinator, a strong international team, remote and on-site facilitation with the best world standards.

We'll help you achieve:
  • A clear understanding of the reference ecosystem of users for which you’re designing your strategy
  • A clear analysis of value chains, and how to transform them according to platform plays
  • A clear analysis and design of your platform strategy: facilitated transactions, services, all combined in one or more platform experiences that you can prototype and validate
  • A carefully designed business model, and pricing strategy
  • A strong knowledge background and an open set of tools to base your future developments on


Book your Private Trainings

We provide on-demand training for companies and other organizations that want to adopt our cutting-edge and open methodologies.
We design ad-hoc programs based on the customer’s strategic objectives:


  • creating internal platform design communities of practice
  • organization-wide training programs based on real innovation projects
  • support to design leaders in kickstarting internal platform-design practices

Or join our public training programs

We contributed to creating the field of Platform Design and have been steadily innovating from the start: we deliver top-notch training, always integrating the most advanced knowledge from thought leaders and made available in open source.

Our training programs cover both: professionals’ certification on the methodology to legitimize your value proposition as a platform-expert consultant and assisted design sprints to learn by applying the methodology on your platform design challenges.

What we Teach

  • How to explore massive new opportunities, starting from your assets and considering existing moats
  • A step by step, streamlined and collaborative process of platform design, keeping all the canvases and guides
  • Running interviews for exploration and validation, how to prioritize features for your MVP
  • How to reach liquidity in the marketplace, how to price your services, how to keep an eye on unit economics to ensure long term viability
  • How to run a Platform Design workshop at scale in your organization

Who is it for?

Consultants and Designers that apply platform thinking frequently, and entrepreneurs that see the opportunity to transform markets by leveraging ecosystems, for good.


What we offer

A solid and open methodology, tested by 80k+ adopters, from Startups to Fortune 500s and the UN. Nobody gets fired for choosing Platform Design Toolkit: the best choice you can ever make.

Join the next Platform Design Toolkit Training

If it fits with your agenda, you can't ask for more

Find the next upcoming public trainings where you can learn from our team and join our bubbling worldwide community of practice:



We partner with organizations to apply our open research process, to strategic challenges, producing strategic advantages and employer branding by communicating research outcomes openly.

Leading organizations have co-invested in research with Boundaryless to explore the future of business models, organizations, and civic society and to communicate research outcomes.

Past research partners include:

Research Topics

We explore these and other research topics:


  • What are the new business model innovation trends and how your organization can lead
  • Exploring the organizational impacts of change and the organizational adaptation strategy
  • What new technologies emerge and what’s their impacts on your market
  • Identifying emerging risk factors, geo-political changes, and social shifts


And we help you communicate it widely, reaping brand benefits and attracting future talents

READ OUR Whitepaper

Explore the New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking

Designing Products and Organizations for a changing World

Reading our white paper will help you understand:

  • How scalable strategies are essential to engage with new socio-economic trends and global risk factors characterizing these unpredictable times.
  • How organizations can gain a central position in business ecosystems while embracing governance models that ensure whole-system development.
  • What opportunities exist for platform thinking as markets become more complex, heavily regulated, and investment intensive.
  • How new frontier technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, AI, biotech and more are opening new possibilities to mobilize and connect ecosystems.
  • How the boundaries and the shape of a traditional organization are now blurring into interconnected, distributed, and collaborative organizing.

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