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New Foundations

of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking

After more than seven years from the creation of the first Platform Design Toolkit in 2013, the context and scope of platform-ecosystem thinking have changed and grown widely: New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking are now needed to re-tune the work of Platform Designers with the massive shift we’re seeing in markets and society.


We always approach research with an action based perspective, and with the aim of bringing our research outcomes in the commons for everyone to use and build upon.


Our research sponsors support our mission with the aim of developing relevant thought leadership capabilities and advantages based on the deep understanding we generate during the research process, an understanding that is readily applicable to the organization’s strategy.


Previous research sponsors include:


Understand the Context of this Whitepaper

This short video will help readers contextualize the New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking Whitepaper – released on November 20th 2020 by the Boundaryless Team: in the video, you’ll find some key quotes from the thought leaders and practitioners that have helped us shape our research work. This video will provide essential insights and framing of the inflection point we’re living, and point out why the shift requires radically new ways of organizing at scale.