Ecosystem Enabling

An Organizational Design and Development practice for the 21st Century

Understanding Entrepreneurial Organizations

From Hierarchies to Ecosystems

  • From monolithic, functional organizations to an ecosystem of  thousands of micro-enterprises dynamically interconnected by peer-to-peer contracts
  • From top-down defined missions and salaries to outside-in, user-driven definition of priorities and pay
  • From management defined value propositions to investments focused on key priorities and aligned to long term user-scenarios

Outside-in, organically entrepreneurial but emergently coherent designs more aptly allow firms to face the exponential societal dynamics and the market disruptions we are currently living in.

Embrace Entrepreneurial Organizations

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations  absorbs the highly volatile, hyper-connected, unpredictable shocks of current markets while, at the same time, unlocking human passion, potential and entrepreneurship.

Our approach covers all the key phases of developing a 3EO: from exploring the specific context and high priority goals at hand up to nurturing a massively distributed environment for launching, validating and scaling organizational hacks.


Created in strict collaboration with Haier Model Research Institute,  the 3EO Toolkit is an open source framework to transform  organizations into a swarm of networked micro-enterprises connected through dynamic collaboration and shared services.

We create, share openly, and continuously enrich our methodology under a creative-commons license so everybody can access, use and explore opportunities with a shared language.


Adaptivity, Not Change Management or Control

Our experience with complexity thinking, socio-technical systems, and whole scale change acts as the basis for an agile, decentralized, probe-and-react evolution journey to  identify the minimum viable enabling constraints for a multitude of value exchanges to emerge from the edges of the system.

An evolution journey built on complexity

Our approach aims at a continuous organic evolution, more than a predictable transformation from A to B. It fosters distributed power and messy coherence, more than perfect control. It is always co-created with the entire organization, never imposed on it. It keeps a line of sight on customer outcomes, instead of protecting bureaucracy, overhead and vested interests.

Our Services

What we help you with

We help organizations to get inspired, acquire the foundational knowledge and become confident at exploring the future of organizing. Whether you are making your first steps in self-management and a more entrepreneurial design or trying to improve an existing teal structure,  we bring leading examples, market-proof organizational artifacts, a unique transition methodology and visual supports.

  • Consulting services through standardized and well-tested workshop formats and ad-hoc consulting programs
  • Private Trainings tailored to your organization, your leadership structure and your design practice
  • Research to venture together into the new, generate insights that can make a difference for your organization and create employer branding

The 3EO Toolkit

Created in strict collaboration with Haier Model Research Institute,  the 3EO Toolkit is an open-source instrument to transform incumbent organizations into a swarm of networked micro-enterprises connected through dynamic collaboration and shared services. Through the 3EO Toolkit, leaders and managers can:


  • Explore how organizational culture should be transformed to increase entrepreneurship
  • Learn how to enable emergent leadership at multiple levels
  • Implement pervasive innovation through micro-enterprises ad the edge of the system
  • Foster win-win dynamic collaboration among micro-enterprises
  • Define and validate experiments to begin, accelerate and scale transformation towards a 3EO.

Become a Certified facilitator

Use the 3EO Toolkit on your own and accelerate your projects

We offer both public and private training courses all year round: join one of our masterclasses or self-paced learning paths to become a certified facilitator, join the 3EO Community of Practice and be part of Boundaryless’ family.

Instead, in case you want to apply the methodology to your own projects, check our private trainings and consulting programs!