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Business Strategy & Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems.



Business Strategy & Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems.


Platform Strategies: with the Platform Design Toolkit, our world-renowned methodology for platform design and innovation, we help customers identify opportunities for new platforms, and then help teams design and validate their strategies on the market and generate growth: all with proven techniques inspired by the experience of the best platforms in the world, and adopted by thousands.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations: thanks to our collaboration with pioneering organizations, we developed a sound approach to transforming existing firms, and develop new ones, as swarms of independent, entrepreneurial, self-managed teams supported by shared platform services reducing organizational debt and increasing organizational agility.


Public Trainings

Learning about platforms, understanding how to use a set of common tools, and maximizing the capability to co-create relevant strategies that mobilize ecosystems, is essential for teams and organizations that want to stay relevant in today’s world.

We run our public training program since 2015, we trained thousands of practitioners in public events in more than 20 cities around the world and now we reach worldwide audiences with our online programs.

You can’t go wrong by attending our trainings: you’ll learn the most solid and practiced platform thinking framework available.

The Platform Design Bootcamp

The Bootcamp will expose participants to a full and deep understanding of our framework and unified market theory and its interrelated aspects such as systems thinking, mastering network effects, organizational transformation, and other facilitation tools.


During the training sessions, you will explore:

  • short lectures and self-paced preparatory material;
  • personal, face to face coaching;
  • group work experiences;
  • exercises on example projects.

Who should attend:

The Bootcamp is not designed to apply the Toolkit to a specific project, but focused on helping you develop mastery to be able to apply the thinking to any project, context or challenge.

It’s optimal for execs and design leaders, consultants and serial entrepreneurs.


The Bootcamp will also provide:

  • an official Platform Design Toolkit – Train the Trainer certificate and
    access to the Platform Design Facilitators community and resources.
  • The  possibility to join private, invite-only office hours, get early access to latest developments in the methodology and to official presentations,workshop design guidelines, and  advanced tips for facilitators mentioned in our Facilitators’ manual.

The Platform Design Sprint

Bring your own project to the Platform Design Sprint and learn how to apply the Platform Design Toolkit by designing your platform strategy.


During the training sessions, you will:

  • recognize the entities and the main role in your ecosystem;
  • design channels to monetize transactions;
  • create support services for the ecosystem, that help participants improve their performance;
  • prepare yourself to a step-by-step validation plan.

Who should attend:

The Sprint will help participants to accelerate a platform strategy to a full design ready for validation: it’s the perfect training if you want to fast learn the Platform Design Toolkit by applying it directly to your project and create or update your platform strategy.


The Sprint will also provide:

  • Structured guidance on how to use a practical and open framework (Creative Commons) you can use dozens of times in your professional activity;
  • The  possibility to join private, invite-only community of practice to help you followup with your project leveraging on the collective intelligence of our community.

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Private Trainings

Our Platform Design private training programs are delivered in optimized formats and will help your teams become part of a network of individuals and organizations that master the real potential of platform design, beyond buzzwords for transformative impact.

Our trainings provide examples and training-optimized case studies. We often also integrate strategic project-work in to ensure that one or multiple teams can develop not only an understanding of the topic, but also apply the new skills to existing strategic challenges, products, innovations, and more.

Both online and in-person trainings formats are possible.

Composable training models
  • Mindshift sessions, to quickly provide an understanding of platform for executives and business leaders;
  • Bootcamp like experiences to create a new design capability internally, and bring your teams in touch with a global community of certified professionals;
  • Organization wide webinars and learning programs, to reach everyone in the organization;
  • Developing internal extensions and personalizations of the toolkits for when the maturity of the organization grows and needs the integration of the frameworks with the existing innovation and design practices.

What they said about us

bas placeholder
Bas Van Ulzen
Global Lead Platform Innovation at PA Consulting

“A great workshop that helps deeply understand the fundamentals of platform design thinking and how to apply customer development and lean startup thinking to develop a platform proposition.”

TB1mgApi7voK1RjSZFDXXXY3pXa-560-720 placeholder
Mark Craddock
Former Technical Director at UN Global Platform

“The Bootcamp is an excellent experience for professionals: networking, deep technical conversations, I’d recommend to anybody.”

admin-ajax-1-ConvertImage placeholder
Kenny Nova
Founder, President at Stat Scientific, Investor and Advisor

“I believe Platforms are the future: I’ll use this new awareness to identify companies to invest in, and help those already in my portfolio to become aware of this massive transformational opportunity.”

1617370465493 placeholder
Yolanda Martin
Platform Design Director at Kaluza

“I have known and collaborated with Boundaryless for many years now and I can only say that I hope it’ll be for many more. This talented and incredible group of people headed by the fearless Simone organises and teaches the best masterclasses and boot camps on platform design in the world. I have done a few myself and sent many of my teams to learn the in’s and out’s of this practice with them. Their blogs and podcasts keep me updated and are an amazing resource for my daily work.”

greg-sherwin placeholder
Greg Sherwin
Sr. Principal Engineer at Farfetch
“Platforms are eating the world, and you are either working with these new dynamics or working against them. Whether you are playing deep or just testing the waters, the Boundaryless team have assembled an essential suite of tools, classes, content, and community for designing the future of collaborative, digitally-enabled business and society.”
genevieve placeholder
Genevieve Douhet
Global Transaction & Payment Services/Head Of Innovation at Société Générale

“The Platform Design Toolkit is more than a tool, it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges.”

1517437530358-ConvertImage placeholder
Robert Egli
Business Developer at Microsoft Switzerland

“The Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my journey with platforms and ecosystems. An intense workshop, where the team made a great job in aggregating, structuring and translating the latest content for aspiring facilitators. After countless epiphanies, I left the Bootcamp with a bag full of relevant tools, the right mindset and most importantly the confidence that I now have a community where I can address my real-world challenges.” 

Laks_Bio-700×700 placeholder
Laks Srinivasan
Co-Founder at Return on AI Institute
“Best complete package of theory, method and toolkit for exploring and designing a platform strategy for any company – a must for every enterprise whether you are micro to planet-scale. Simone and the Boundaryless team have done a world-class job taking complex subject of platform design and making it easy to understand and more importantly, try it. Great contribution to the platform ecosystem”
david nour bw placeholder
David Nour
CEO at The Nour Group, Inc. and Best Selling Author
“Brilliant thinking, fantastic content, passionately shared. Boundaryless team takes business model innovation to a new level. Highly recommend any and all of their courses.”
giuseppe-pasceri placeholder
Giuseppe Pasceri
CEO at Subito & Infojobs Italy

“This framework gives new and fundamental tools to understanding our world, the epochal changes that are involving society and thus the way we produce value.”



nuno simoes bw placeholder
Nuno Simões
“Great training! It quickly opens our minds to the power of platform design. I do recommend it!”
admin-ajax-ConvertImage placeholder
Jan Rudolph
Senior Consultant Digitization at DB Systel GmbH

“If you are interested in practical platform design and looking for a toolset to establish ecosystem thinking within your team or organization, joining the Bootcamp is definitely worth! …an exciting chance to share experiences and insights with people from all over the world. In my daily work, I benefit now from the views, methods and facilitation techniques I have experienced in the three days.”