Understanding Platforms through Value Chain Maps

Why is a Platforms’ Wardley (Value Chain) Map Z-Shaped? An essay to explore the convergences between value chain mapping and aggregation strategies.

Boundaryless Team

October 11, 2018


A slightly different understanding of a Value Chain Map

The Cicero’s Triangle & a Wardley Map
Picture 1 — A new understanding of the three layers from Cicero’s triangle, in Wardley’s value chain map landscape


Why the change

Patterns of Platformization, Gameplays and your strategy in mobilizing an existing ecosystem

Picture 2 — a “typical” industrial value chain map — it’s C shaped
Picture 3 — the forces of platformization, plotted on the C-shaped industrial value chain map 


A recurring Z-Shaped Value Chain

Picture 4 — a “typical” aggregated (platformized) value chain map — it’s Z-shaped 
Picture 5 — the aggregator control zone, in the Z-shaped value chain of platformized industries


Mapping Platformization Patterns

Picture 6 — the patterns of platformization at work on the Z-shaped value chain


Connecting all with Ecosystem Scan and horizon scanning

picture 7 — The young specialist doctor example, the context to platformize, and the current value chain 
Picture 8 — friction points in the current value chain, potential levers of platformization
Picture 9 — a platformized landscape 

Conclusions & Take Aways

Boundaryless Team

October 11, 2018

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