Platform Design Certification Bootcamp

SIX + 1 Sessions: half day on June 10-11-17-18-24-25 and July 16th Price: from €899
Learn with us and get certified

Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp

In SIX (+1 optional) online sessions
This Bootcamp will change the way you think about platforms, organizations and ecosystems.

The Bootcamp will expose participants to a full and deep understanding of our framework and unified market theory and its interrelated aspects such as systems thinking, mastering network effects, organizational transformation, and other facilitation tools.

During the training sessions, you will explore:

  • short lectures and self-paced preparatory material;
  • personal, face to face coaching;
  • group work experience;
  • exercises on example projects.

Who should attend?

The Bootcamp is not designed to apply the Platform Design Toolkit to a specific project, but focused on helping you develop mastery to be able to apply the thinking to any project, context or challenge.


It’s optimal for founders, execs, design leadersconsultants and entrepreneurs.



The Bootcamp will also provide:

  • an official Platform Design Toolkit – certified practitioner certificate and
    access to the Platform Design Facilitators community and resources.
  • The possibility to join private, invite-only office hours, get early access to the latest developments in the methodology and to official presentations, workshop design guidelines, and advanced tips for facilitators mentioned in our Facilitators’ manual.
Plan your attendance

The Format: SIX + ONE 4-hour online sessions

7 sessions, 4 hours each, stretched over 4 weeks. A friendly schedule, more comfortable for distant time zones and busy people.


The Bootcamp sessions will be held in June 10-11-17-18-24-25th and July 16th the optional one. 


The tools used will be Zoom (conferencing) and Miro (collaboration tool). This event will be held in English.


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  • Team discounts of up to 15% based on the number of participants. Note that team discounts only apply to Regular and Late Birds.

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Training - Online Bootcamp
SIX + 1 Sessions: half day on June 10-11-17-18-24-25 and July 16th
From 1 pm to 5 pm CEST
from €899

Event assets

The Platform Opportunity Exploration
Scan the Ecosystem and transform the Value Chain.
The Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide and the related canvases provide a structured approach to scanning an ecosystem and assessing the platform opportunity there. It will be one of the teaching materials used during the bootcamp.
The Platform Strategy Design

Design scalable experiences with solid business models.

The Strategy Design – User Guide is the core of the Platform Design Toolkit methodology: it will be the core of the teaching materials used during the bootcamp.

Product Development & Growth Guide
Get to liquidity, leverage flywheels and choose the right growth engines: create defensible strategies.

The Platform Growth and Product Guide helps you design flywheels that make your business model defensible through network effects, learn how to reach liquidity, solve the chicken-egg problem and identify the key metrics to ensure good unit economicsretention, and engagement.