The Platform Portfolio Deep Dive

May 27th Price: €399 + VAT/Fees
Learn how to manage a complex Product/Platform Portfolio

The Platform Portfolio Deep Dive

A Full Day Experience to Learn how to run a Coherent Ecosystem of Products

The Platform Portfolio Deep Dive is a 1-Day Experience designed for executives and builders who want to learn how to manage several product initiatives in a coherent portfolio of products and services.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Visualize and Execute Portfolio Strategies: Gain the ability to map out and execute strategies that address go-to-market challenges and strategic positioning within the ecosystem.
  • Adopt a Shared Language for Innovation: Embrace a common literacy across teams, enhancing communication and facilitating the rapid rearrangement around market opportunities.
  • Enable Organizational Agility: Discover organizational enablers that allow your teams to autonomously and effectively align with market opportunities, driving swift market entry and competitive advantage.

The Course Program

The Platform Portfolio Deep Dive is designed with executives, founders, design leaders, and entrepreneurs in mind, people who need a way to orchestrate multiple platform-product value propositions coherently.

Here’s a summary of the one-day program topics:

  1. Map needs across your customers in an ecosystem: understand what the different maturity and strategic nature of needs imply in terms of the customer’s willingness to pay a premium, and the appeal of bespoke personalization services.
  2. Understand how to build a product taxonomy starting from key recurring patterns such as key customers, workflows, enabling modules, and product areas.
  3. Organize Platform/Product-Design related research and design artifacts across product areas, products, and sub-components;
  4. Understand the implications of distributing business outcomes to underlying product teams, and how to craft coherent go-to-market strategies to create synergies and reduce the trade-offs related to giving single teams the freedom to market their products while at the same time promoting upselling, cross-selling, and more.
  5. Understand how certain user needs cater to distributing your modular products (such as APIs) through ecosystems of partners
How does the Course work?

The format

The Deep dive flow will be based on four sessions based on:

  • short slide-based lectures;
  • group team-work over fictional cases or real business cases brought by the participants
  • collective reflections


May 27th
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Full Day
€399 + VAT/Fees