New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking

Designing Products and Organizations for a Changing World

Watch the release webinar from Nov. 20th 2020:

Released in Creative Commons

The Context

It was 2013 when we released our first version of Platform Design Toolkit.


On October 2016, we published the Platform Design Toolkit 2.0 and the companion White Paper “From business modeling to platform design” becoming real pioneers of a new way of thinking organizations and products. The Toolkit and the White Paper have been fundamental since then in instigating and shaping the practice of Platform Design with a community that today counts more than sixty thousand adopters worldwide.

We’ve been active in research and consulting with an impressive range of stakeholders: from Fortune 500s to startups, from organizational transformation pioneers such as the Chinese Haier group to the United Nations. Such experience puts Boundaryless among the leaders of Platform-Ecosystems thinking worldwide.


After more than three years we’re now aware that the context and scope of platform-ecosystem thinking have changed and have grown widely: New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking are now needed.


This is what this white paper is all about, and this fundamental piece of content is released in Creative Commons like everything else we do, so you join us in the process of building the future of organizations and business models.


The Boundaryless Team

This white paper will help you understand

  • How scalable strategies are essential to engage with new socio-economic trends and global risk factors characterizing these unpredictable times.
  • How organizations can keep—or gain— a central position in business ecosystems while embracing governance models that ensure whole-system development.
  • What opportunities exist for platform thinking as markets become more complex, heavily regulated, and investment intensive.
  • How new frontier technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, AI, biotech and more are opening new possibilities to mobilize and connect ecosystems.
  • How the boundaries and the shape of a traditional organization are now blurring into interconnected, distributed, and collaborative organizing.

From our Sponsor

“The competitive arena in the financial and banking industry is going to change much more rapidly that we could ever expect. The resilience and flexibility of our organizational structures face enormous challenges: to adapt from a hyper-regulated world, where most of the products and services are mature, to a new one where Environmental, Social and Governance propositions need to coalesce: every client, sector, activity will be impacted by this evolution.


Change is often accompanied by resistance, bureaucracy, short-termism, and we’re often slow to respond to a fast-changing environment: now it’s time to embrace a new paradigm and a new approach to design where people in networks can translate big transformative visions into concrete actions.


Intesa Sanpaolo is pleased to support this research initiative, and to collaborate with Boundaryless and its network in envisioning a modern approach to the evolution of the organization that is flexible, outside-in and proactive.”


Gian Marco Salcioli

Head of Strategic Marketing
Corporate & Investment Banking