3EO Toolkit

Creating Entrepreneurial Organizations that innovate organically empowering their Ecosystem

The 3EO Toolkit

An open source accelerator to transform incumbents into swarms of networked micro-enterprises

Inspired by the Rendanheyi model and integrating ideas from the major pioneers in forward-looking organizational and management approaches, the 3EO Toolkit helps leaders to explore organizing in an era of complexity by systemically putting human talent, market-based dynamics, pervasive innovation, emergent leadership, and dynamic collaboration at the center of the organization, providing groundbreaking results and resilience.


Envisioning Micro-Enterprises and Platform Services

Rethink how your Organization works and provides a space for Entrepreneurship

Our Set of 3EO Toolkit with Canvases and a Brief guide will allow you to approach the transformation of your organization according to the principles of self-management, market-drivenness and bring you clear directions for the reduction of organizational debt. Assess the gaps in your organizational culture, identify the key shared services, and structure the micro-enterprises that can bear their own Profit &Loss.

Ecosystem Enabling Culture Canvas


This canvas succinctly articulates how culture plays out in terms of artifacts and processes across the 3 organizational layers of architecting, enabling and enterprising and the scales of the individual, the micro-unit and the whole system.

3EO map


It offers a high level depiction of how the organization chooses its unique solutions to the 3 leadership roles of architecting, enabling and enterprising and the 3 organizational challenges of defining strategy, ensuring execution and measuring performance

Micro-Enterprise Canvas


It contributes to and tracks the development of a micro-enterprise by defining how it performs in terms of objectives, ecosystem relationships, user/customer involvement, revenue/cost structures, and key internal services used.

EMC Canvas


It visualizes and  helps design dynamic collaboration contract schemes, based on obligations, shared goals and value sharing mechanisms among all the parties involved at delivering on a user scenario.

Experiment Design Canvas


It provides the structure to define an experimentation space for evaluating different hypotheses and assumptions on how the aspects of the 3EO may be prototyped and gradually integrated in the organization.

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3EO Toolkit Brief Guide and Canvases

The 3EO Toolkit brief guide and canvases: a set of canvases to help you work on developing a culture of entrepreneurship, identify the new organizational artifacts that will allow you to envision a transition between a functionally siloed organization towards shared services for micro-enterprises, and understand the role of all the organizational players according to the three key types of contributions (architect, enterprise, enable) necessary to run a coherent but agile organization.

The 3EO Toolkit is licensed in CC-BY-SA

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