Strategies & Structures for Product Portfolio Innovation

Date: start 09/23/2024 end 09/25/2024 Price: € 567
An Online Training for Portfolio and Product Managers

Strategies and Structures for Portfolio Innovation

Learn how to develop a Strategy for multiple Products/Services and how to Execute it effectively within your Organization

The course is an Online Experience designed for executives and builders who want to learn how to manage several product initiatives in a coherent portfolio of products and services.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Learn how to define products and services to solve the needs of your customers and partners, how to find the gaps in the current portfolio, and how to define which projects to invest in
  • Get practical templates on how to document and communicate the product/service strategy that caters to all the stakeholder groups.
  • Understand what it takes to create results and execute the strategy effectively.
  • Learn how to define the capabilities, organizational and teaming structures, and collaboration and decision-making mechanisms that bring results and adhere to set boundaries, while enabling flexibility and maximum team-level autonomy.


IMPORTANT NOTE: to attend this course one doesn’t need to have attended any previous training from Boundaryless

The Course Program

The course is designed with executives, founders, design leaders, and entrepreneurs in mind, people who need a way to orchestrate multiple platform-product value propositions coherently.

Here’s a summary of the program topics:

  • Map needs across all your customers: understand the different maturity and nature of needs and what this means in terms of customer’s willingness to pay, and the appeal of bespoke personalization services.
  • Design the right product taxonomy starting from key recurring patterns such as key customers, workflows, enabling modules, and product areas.
  • Organize Platform/Product-Design related research and design artifacts across product areas, products, and sub-components to avoid duplications and increase sharing;
  • Understand how to distribute business outcomes to underlying product teams and how to craft coherent go-to-market strategies to create synergies and reduce the trade-offs related to giving single teams the freedom to market their products while at the same time promoting upselling, cross-selling, and more.
  • Understand how to use third party ecosystems to distribute some of your modular products (such as APIs or Apps)
How does the Course work?

The format

The course flow will be based on sessions based on:

  • short slide-based lectures;
  • group teamwork over fictional cases or real business cases brought by the participants
  • collective reflections

The tools used will be Zoom (conferencing) and Miro (collaboration tool).


Note that this event is held in English.

23/09/2024 - 25/09/2024
Three 4-hour Online Sessions
Three Online Sessions
€ 699
€ 567